Summit One Vanderbilt: Reaching New Heights

There are many quintessential New York City experiences. Broadway. Times Square. The Statue of Liberty. And traveling to the top of a skyscraper to take in soaring views of the Big Apple and beyond. The iconic New York City skyline has changed dramatically in recent years; a building boom has produced multiple new skyscrapers. But nothing has changed the experience …

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8 Things to Know about Moynihan Train Hall

8 Must-Know Facts About Moynihan Train Hall The new moynihan train hall has now been open for one year Construction and Design The $1.6 billion project has generated an estimated economic impact of $5 billion, supporting more than 5,000 construction jobs and 11,000 indirect jobs with the core project management team consisting of more than 42 percent women. The 255,000 square-feet …

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7 Top New York City Holiday Attractions

Excited for the 2023 holiday season? One of the best ways we know to get in the holiday spirit is to visit the winter wonderland of New York City this season. Just strolling the streets of Manhattan, decorated with lights and other finery, should get you excited. But there are countless ways to enjoy the holidays with your friends and [...] Continue reading  

New York City’s Neighborhood Hot Spots

Editor's Note: Prior to the pandemic, for the third consecutive year, The New York City Association of Hotel Concierges surveyed its members exclusively for the readers of New York By Rail. Since New York City has been largely shut down until recently, we are now publishing the survey results online. New York By Rail has verified that the concierges selections [...] Continue reading  

Off-Beat Experiences to Enjoy in New York City

Publisher's Note: Kemi from Musings and Adventures, is a travel & lifestyle content creator #WFH in NYC who safely explores the city's attractions and the Hudson Valley Region during weekends and holidays. New York, New York! The city that never sleeps is napping after the sucker punch dealt with COVID-19 lock downs and shuttered businesses. Nevertheless, now is the best [...] Continue reading  

Moynihan Train Hall Opens on January 1

The new Amtrak addition to New York City’s Penn Station is the Moynihan Train Hall, which is the new “home of Amtrak” in the big apple. It’s located directly across from Penn Station in the historic James A. Farley Post Office building on 8th Avenue. The beauty of the historic early 1900s building, paired with the expansion of its passenger services, will [...] Continue reading  

Madison Square Garden All Access Tour

The World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City. | Photo Courtesy of Madison Square Garden Walking through the doors of “the world’s most famous arena” imposes an unrelenting feeling of excitement. Even on quieter, off-days when there aren’t any games or concerts to be played, the energy remains. A lifelong New York Rangers fan, just a [...] Continue reading  

The Best in the Big Apple

New York City's top concierges reveal their favorite places to eat, drink, shop and be entertained. New York By Rail surveyed members of the New York City Association of Hotel Concierges to find out what’s trending in the city. Here are the current hotspots from those who tell others where to go, exclusively for readers of New York By Rail: Illustration by Michael [...] Continue reading  

Radio City Stage Door Tour

The Radio City Stage Door Tour is an insider’s experience of the renowned theater. The guided visit offers views of art deco masterpieces, the historic Great Stage and the possibility of meeting a Radio City Rockette!

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All Aboard the Polar Express!

Children of all ages can now experience the same Christmas spirit as the children in the animated masterpiece “The Polar Express.” The movie that was inspired by Chris Van Allsburg's classic book has now come to life! These trains offer a lot more than just cocoa, cookies, and Christmas carols, they offer Christmas cheer for the whole family. Across New [...] Continue reading  

Hottest Spots in New York City

The Big Apple has it all, but where to find what you’re looking for? Here are several perfect days featuring the hottest spots in New York City, designed by some of the most respected concierges in the city. Pick the one that interests you most, and you’ll be wowed by these exceptional experiences.

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Happy 50th Anniversary Empire Service!

The Empire Service has not only survived the ups and downs of the last half-century but also become a mainstay among New York rail-travelers. What the future holds for intercity service in Upstate New York is hard to predict, but hopefully, the high-speed rail service will continue to serve the public.

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Discover New York’s Museums with Don Wildman

Greetings, fellow travelers! Thanks for joining me on my sprawling journey to New York’s amazing collection of museums. I’ve embarked – with the generous help of New York By Rail and I Love New York – on a statewide odyssey to explore the astonishing depth and breadth of a distinctive collective community — New York’s museums, learning a few of the remarkable things they have to teach along the way.

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New York City’s Best Observation Decks

From New York City observation decks, you can watch tiny cars and people scurry about far below and take in the city’s beautiful, dense, and ever-changing skyline at eye level. There’s nothing like looking down on Manhattan Island and the surrounding waters for a sense of the city’s beauty and sheer magnitude.

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Ask a Local – New York City

Thomas Perez is CEO of Alpha Dominche, an international designer and manufacturer of innovative coffee and tea brewing machines, with offices and a design lab in Industry City, Brooklyn. A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, he has lived and worked in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, but has developed an affinity for all things Brooklyn.

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9 Things to do Around Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and even though it lands on a dreaded Monday this year, there are still plenty of New York State events ready to kick off the summer with a burst of American Spirit! From celebrations of American music and its icons to locally sourced food at top-tier restaurants and breweries, this Memorial Day should be a time to remember!

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9 Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

With the wacky weather this year, it looks like the warm weather is finally here to stay. Tulips will be seen peeking from the ground and the sun making its way from behind the clouds. It’s time to head outdoors and embrace all this newfound beauty. Fortunately, there are a number of events throughout New York State accessible via Amtrak …

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Baseball Stadiums reachable via Amtrak

Whether you’re a hardcore sports fanatic or someone who is simply looking for a fun outdoor event, baseball games are an exciting experience for the whole family. You’re not tied down to only sitting on the bleachers, however. You may also enjoy some of the other recreational activities offered by the stadiums, or visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in …

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6 Not-To-Miss St. Patrick’s Day Parades

St. Patrick’s Day parades, which once served as a way to comfort homesick Irish immigrants, now attract crowds across cultures, states, and religions. So you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate! Here are six exciting parades across New York State that are all accessible by Amtrak:

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Your March Madness Survival Guide

March is known as a month of “madness.” Luckily, we’re here to help you escape this maddening time of year! New York isn’t totally overwhelmed by the fever of basketball this year, so there’s no shortage of things to distract you from the constant barrage of tournaments! There are many fun, eclectic events this March—all accessible by Amtrak. Get ready to enjoy days filled …

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Worth a Visit: The Pennsy

There’s an exciting new option near Penn Station for all of us serious eaters. The Pennsy, a food hall located at 2 Penn Plaza–at the corner of 33rd Street and 7th Avenue–is a great place to sit and enjoy a sandwich, or grab one and go. But not just any sandwich. How about mozzarella and Calabrian chili aioli on an …

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Amtrak’s “Great Dome” Car Returns!

Ride Amtrak’s “Great Dome” Car This Fall! For a limited time this fall, The Amtrak Great Dome car has returned to New York. This annual tradition allows passengers to see the leaves change, the beautiful bodies of water flow and the major cities of New York all while comfortable in a train car. PHOTO FROM ELEVATION MAP LOGS Amtrak Great Dome …

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