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Reach for the Skies: New York City’s Observation Decks

It’s a view and perspective that you can’t get any other way, whether you choose to visit these observation decks in the daytime, at the magical sunset hour or for the nighttime spectacle of city lights. Not surprisingly, New York City’s observation decks are wildly popular, so consider reserving tickets online ahead of time. New York City's Observation Decks Top [...] Continue reading  

Views and Craft Brews in the Great Northern Catskills

Traveling has always been something that I’ve wanted to do. As a student I was lucky to have traveled abroad, studying English literature and psychology, on top of interning with two independent publishing companies in London, England. Amidst catching the tube to different pubs, museums, and markets throughout the London’s thirty-two boroughs, I was also fortunate enough to travel outside …

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The Great Connector: A Day Trip to Walkway Over the Hudson

  As a former resident of the Hudson Valley and current resident of New York City, the longing for days of bucolic serenity are encountered more often than not. With Labor Day approaching, I began to research a day-trip getaway to escape the encroaching tourist chaos before coming across an obvious choice. After living in the neighboring village of New …

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