Saratoga Springs: 7 Exciting Locations

With a live music scene unlike any other, here are seven things to do in Saratoga Springs. There are few people who enjoy revelry on New Year’s Eve more than I do. Likewise, festivities revolving around Independence Day on the Jersey Shore boardwalk and Mardi Gras, anywhere across the nation or around the world, give me a sense of triumph. …

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Saratoga Performing Arts Center: Culinary Arts, Music & More

Visit Saratoga Performing Arts Center Saratoga Performing Arts Center is one of the greatest places I have ever visited in my life.   The concerts I have seen there have been spirited, compelling, life-changing, beyond entertaining and always worth every dollar I spent and every ounce of energy I expended to reach SPAC, Saratoga Spa State Park and the City of …

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Things to Do in Saratoga Springs in 48 Hours

Editor's Note: A local couple, with longstanding ties to Saratoga Springs, shared with New York By Rail in early 2020 their favorite places to dine and things to do in the Spa City during racing season. Since Amtrak service to Saratoga Springs has been suspended for more than a year due to COVID, New York by Rail is now publishing this blog [...] Continue reading  

Sojourn to Saratoga Springs

Fireworks at the SPAC amphitheater in Saratoga Spa State Park. | Photo by Lawrence White Eager for a relaxing break from city life without the hassle of car traffic or airport security, I’m heading to Saratoga Springs on Amtrak. Saratoga promises a leisurely and largely walkable year-round getaway in a destination rich in history, health, arts and… horses! After an [...] Continue reading  

Discover New York’s Museums with Don Wildman

Greetings, fellow travelers! Thanks for joining me on my sprawling journey to New York’s amazing collection of museums. I’ve embarked – with the generous help of New York By Rail and I Love New York – on a statewide odyssey to explore the astonishing depth and breadth of a distinctive collective community — New York’s museums, learning a few of the remarkable things they have to teach along the way.

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Great Amtrak Dome Car

This fall, the vintage window-ceilinged Great Amtrak Dome Car offers travelers a chance to enjoy the changing foliage on the Adirondack line. This autumn from September 28 – October 29, Amtrak’s Great Dome Car offers a unique way to travel on the Adirondack line between Albany and Montréal. The dome car has traveled the country, making its way onto the …

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9 Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

With the wacky weather this year, it looks like the warm weather is finally here to stay. Tulips will be seen peeking from the ground and the sun making its way from behind the clouds. It’s time to head outdoors and embrace all this newfound beauty. Fortunately, there are a number of events throughout New York State accessible via Amtrak …

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Don’t Miss the 2017 Saratoga Winterfest!

Winter doesn’t have to keep you inside and away from all of the seasonal fun! Hop on an Amtrak train towards Saratoga Springs, a city with their own annual Winterfest! This month the city has several big events featuring food, drinks, live music and more! Plan a trip and enjoy the snowy wonder of New York State.

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Things to Do in Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs Attractions Twenty minutes on Amtrak’s Adirondack line. That’s all it takes to feel completely removed from the city. Another three or so hours of rambling along the Hudson, and Manhattan’s a faint memory. Lawn jockeys stand guard on wraparound porches, flanked by flowerpots and rocking chairs. This is Saratoga Springs, “The City in the Country.” Its main stretch …

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