Rivers Casino & Resort: A Safe Bet

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z1jRPjFAjw&t=34sThere are three things to know about traveling on Amtrak and visiting Rivers Casino & Resort in the midst of the pandemic.1. Strict Covid-19 precautions are in place. 2. Restrictions on movement are not overbearing. 3. There is a strong sense that management is watching your back as far as the health crisis is concerned. These are my takeaways from spending …

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Howe Caverns, The Underworld

What is Howe Caverns? Naturally developed approximately six million years ago, Howe Caverns is a magnificent feat of New York State’s nature. Formed by two separate types of limestone, Coeymans and Manlius, the walls of the cave are embedded with the fossils of creatures of the past and prior inhabitants of the land. Howe Caverns was discovered in the early [...] Continue reading  

Happy 50th Anniversary Empire Service!

The Empire Service has not only survived the ups and downs of the last half-century but also become a mainstay among New York rail-travelers. What the future holds for intercity service in Upstate New York is hard to predict, but hopefully, the high-speed rail service will continue to serve the public.

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Great Amtrak Dome Car

This fall, the vintage window-ceilinged Great Amtrak Dome Car offers travelers a chance to enjoy the changing foliage on the Adirondack line. This autumn from September 28 – October 29, Amtrak’s Great Dome Car offers a unique way to travel on the Adirondack line between Albany and Montréal. The dome car has traveled the country, making its way onto the …

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