Strong Museum of Play

Interactive exhibits and games, including the world's largest collection of toys, dolls, and games.

The Strong National Museum of Play is the only collections-based museum in the world devoted solely to the study of play! It is a history museum with interactive characteristics similar to a children’s museum making it the second largest museum of this type in the United States.

The museum includes exhibits that allow visitors to interpret the key elements of play, as well as allow guests to explore the worlds of Sesame Street, the Berenstain Bears, Reading Adventureland, and the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden.

This immersive museum explores themes of video games, storybooks, television shows, education, nature, history, comic books, carousel and train rides, and children’s lifestyles.The Strong National Museum of Play houses The World Video Game Hall of Fame and The National Toy Hall of Fame.

“We took the family to the Museum for an afternoon of exploration and fun. We weren’t disappointed. Something there for everyone, from little kids to teens to grandparents. Take it in, you won’t be disappointed.”

—Ed P., TripAdvisor

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, with exhibitions like Pinball Playfields, American Comic Book Heroes and Toys Hall of Fame, make for a museum that’s full of goofy, childlike fun—but with a scholarly side too for those who take play seriously. Talk about a museum that’s great for kids, but even I had to sidle up to the Sesame Street stoop—and swoon. Ah, youth!

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