Travel to Columbia County by Rail with Amtrak

A two hour train ride from Penn Station in New York City brings you to Columbia County. Gone is the hustle and bustle of the big city. In Columbia County, there’s natural beauty abound, history and plenty of attractions to keep you busy-but relaxed. Your Amtrak train will take you along the scenic Hudson River and leave you at the historic Hudson Station. When you get off the train, stop at the Information Center at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, at 1 North Front Street, to get some ideas for a great getaway.

Columbia County Local Guide

Columbia County Articles

Visiting Hudson’s Olana State Historic Site

High above the Hudson Valley, in Columbia County, New York, sits a mansion that encapsulates so much of what defines the region, draws people to visit and keeps them here to live. With commanding views of the Hudson River, Olana State Historic Site is towering in its presence and inspiring with its design. A landmark like no other, a point [...] Continue reading  

Happy 50th Anniversary Empire Service!

The Empire Service has not only survived the ups and downs of the last half-century but also become a mainstay among New York rail-travelers. What the future holds for intercity service in Upstate New York is hard to predict, but hopefully, the high-speed rail service will continue to serve the public.

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