Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

Learn how the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor influenced Buffalo's African American history by strolling through the vibrant neighborhood's shops, restaurants, and historical sites.

At the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor, history, food, art and culture combine to offer visitors a comprehensive look at this nationally and internationally recognized Buffalo neighborhood, home to some of the most significant movements, moments and people that helped shape African American history.

The Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor (MSAAHC) preserves and celebrates the iconic Abolitionist and Civil Rights movements and several cultural and artistic renaissance periods, and commemorates the African Americans that led and defined these eras. Since its official establishment in 2007, the Michigan Street African American Corridor Commission has remained dedicated to its mission of highlighting the African American impact on Buffalo’s history by offering community education and fostering cultural appreciation.

Although a relatively young initiative, the neighborhoods have been making their mark on Western New York- and the world- for centuries. Michigan Street’s very own Baptist Church was once the last stop on for fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad before crossing over to Canada for freedom and served as a place where anti-slavery and reform movements could meet, a beacon and safe haven for the community. On the next block sit the Nash House, home to the Baptist Church’s legendary Rev. J. Edward Nash, who was instrumental in bringing branches of the Urban League and NAACP to Buffalo and served the neighborhood until his death in 1957. The Heritage Corridor’s festivals, cultural events, creative programming and community outreach initiates draw crowds from all over to witness for themselves the history, character and cultural expression that brings this neighborhood to life.

Visitors have the option of touring any of the four anchor organizations the MSAAHC houses: the Colored Musicians Museum Club and Museum, Michigan Street Baptist Church, Nash House, and the WUFO Radio station.

To view individual and group ticket prices or book a tour at one of MSAAHC’s four anchor sites, visit their website at www.michiganstreetbuffalo.org

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