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Tommyrotter Distillery

Tommyrotter Distillery creates some of the best small-batch, award-winning spirits in Buffalo's historic hydraulics manufacturing district.

From vodka to whiskey, Tommyrotter Distillery is proud to present their small-batch spirits that are simply some of the best around. The Tommyrotters’ Club was a group of artisans in the early 20th century who decided they wanted to create for the sake of doing it. They craft their spirits in honor of their heart and courage to take on a fresh mindset. They work out of a 2,700 foot factory that is over a century old and continue to create some of the finest spirits that the area has to offer.

“Tommyrotter Distillery makes some delicious craft vodka and gin in a newly renovated early 1900s box factory just down the street from Larkinville. The gin has notes of the aromatics used to flavor it and makes a top notch gin and tonic. I’m not a vodka drinker but gave a bottle to my high-end vodka drinking sister who now won’t drink anything else.”

—DayTripper1630, Buffalo, NY

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