The Rock Club

The Rock Club

Imagine walking into a gym not to elliptical machines and treadmills, but to miles of a colorful rock wall. 

Rock climbing is a unique pastime that people all over the world use to build strength, coordination and focus. Not only do climbers destress while climbing, but they can push their limits with various rock formations and climbing techniques. 

The Rock Club is the perfect place for beginners to get a feel for the sport in a safe, challenging environment. The gym offers individual and group classes to help those at any age embark on their rock climbing journey. They have the option for customers to join the gym as a member or to pay for each individual class to try out the sport.

 For those with a little more climbing experience, a climber can take advanced classes to improve bouldering techniques or to learn how to lead a climb.

Passionate climbers can join the Adult Climbing League to compete against other climbers in teams of four. Climbers can push their limits and see how they fare against their peers.

Furthermore, the gym has special student pricing to entice more students to try climbing to destress. 

Similarly, the gym also offers special classes geared for kids who want to try the sport. Kids can enroll in summer camp to learn climbing techniques or throw a birthday party at the gym. 

However, the more advanced bunch of kids can join Team Rock to compete nationally with other children their age. Westchester even voted that The Rock Club was one of their favorite places to take their kids in 2021.

To get a feel for the gym’s environment, check out the gym’s blog that highlights the climber of the month, gives fitness advice, new standards in rock climbing equipment and any titles the gym has recently won. 

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“When your kids drive you up a wall, come here and have them actually climb the walls! Friendly staff. Sweet climbs. Reasonable pricing.”

—Howard G., Tripadvisor

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