Silo City

Choose a Silo City tour through the old riverside granaries to see Buffalo's history as one of the world's largest grain ports. Explore Buffalo guides you on foot, bus, bike or kayak.

Silo City Water Bikes

With a handful of grain elevators in the area, take a tour of one of or every single one to see what they were used for nearly one hundred years ago and how they are used today. Check out the new bar and restaurant recently added to Silo City called Duende. Duende has a small menu that is updated weekly and is done so that the food is made sure to be mastered by the chefs each week. There is so much to see, do, and eat in the Silo City. Make sure to pay a visit to this century-old hotspot.

“I have been to Buffalo many times. Have driven by the Silos on the highway lots. Finally made here. We had a great tour. Our tour guide Larry did an amazing job keeping us well informed on the history of the site and the importance to the city. Will return for the vertical tour.”

—Inrdesigns, TripAdvisor

Take Amtrak to Silo City

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