Museum at Bethel Woods

“The Museum at Bethel Woods in Bethel is dedicated to making the lessons and ideals of the tumultuous decade of the Sixties relevant and accessible. The famous Woodstock Music & Art Fair didn’t take place anywhere close to the town called Woodstock. It happened on a dairy farm in Bethel, sixty miles from Woodstock, when a previously arranged venue there fell through. The museum is situated on the property of that very farm and uses the legend of Woodstock as a jumping off point to explore the broader context of an era that dramatically altered American society in all sorts of ways. The award-winning Main Exhibit— “Woodstock and The Sixties”—offers 21 short films, interactive exhibits and lots of interesting artifacts to tell its story.

The museum is currently offering a number of events and workshops located in the museum’s conservatory. Head to their website for more information about upcoming events and to purchase tickets.

Aside from the museum’s connection to the Woodstock Music & Art festival, it is also well known for it’s Sensory Friendly Museum Days program. On the second Saturday of every month, the museum invites individuals of all ages with autism, complex developmental disabilities, and sensory sensitivities to experience the main exhibit before the museum opens to the general public. The museum staff is committed to creating an inclusive environment and creating opportunities to those with cognitive disabilities.


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Take Amtrak to the Museum at Bethel Woods

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