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Buffalo Zoo

Established in 1875, the Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States. Originally conceived as a deer park, local donations of animals spurred the zoo’s growth and increased community interest. Today it is a family-friendly venue with extensive educational, conservation and research programs.

About Buffalo Zoo

The philosophy of the zoo is to exhibit animals and plants in ecological habitats and geographical arrangements that represent the biomes of the world. Current programs focus on providing visitors with a better understanding of the natural world, and how animals relate to each other, to their environment, and to humankind.

The zoo is spread over 23.5 acres. It houses some of the world’s most exotic and endangered species as well as local wildlife. The animals move freely within their enclosures with trees, streams, pools and other features representing their natural habitats.

Exhibits include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. Visitors can see rhinos, roan antelope, addax, sea lions, tigers, snow leopards, maned wolves, and Japanese macaques among the many species housed here. For those who want to get more up close and personal, you can sign up for an “Encounter,” during spring, in which one of the zookeepers introduces you to an elephant or rhino or lets you feed a giraffe! 

The zoo is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and access is granted through tickets. During the winter months, the zoo is only open on the weekends.

Take Amtrak to Buffalo Zoo

Take Amtrak to Buffalo-Depew Station (BUF) or Buffalo-Exchange Street Station (BFX). Don’t forget to use See New York and Save 15%!

Use Lyft or Uber to go from the station to the zoo, or reserve an NYTRAIN Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise picks you up at the station and takes you to your vehicle. Click here to reserve your car or call 716-565-5400.