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Observatoire 360 at Place Ville Marie

Experience the beauty of Montreal from 185 meters in the air at Observatoire 360° at Place Ville Marie.

Enjoy an impressive panoramic view of Montreal from above. Dive into Montreal’s history to better under-stand the present.

Current Status: Temporarily Closed

Experience the spectacular beauty of Montreal’s city skyline from a bird’s-eye view at the Observatoire 360° at Place Ville Marie in Quebec.

Ever wanted to see the beautiful city of Montreal from above? The Observatoire 360° at Place Ville Marie in Montreal, Quebec, provides visitors with an exciting panoramic view of the city from 185 meters in the air. This view expands over the St. Lawrence River, Mount Royal, the Quartier des spectacles, Olympic Park and the Jacques Cartier Bridge. The observatory is accompanied by The Highest Terrace in Montreal, as well as the Quebec cuisine serving restaurant, Les Enfants Terribles. 

The observatory has audio guides to listen to while you enjoy this panoramic perspective of Montreal. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about accessibility, as the observatory values inclusivity. Regardless of your movement being impeded in anyway, you’ll be able to enjoy this magnificent attraction.

The gorgeous view of Montreal isn’t the only sight to behold at the observation facility. This building is home to delicious food and fun activities. If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll definitely want to check out the building’s restaurant, Les Enfants Terribles. This restaurant serves a plethora of exquisite dishes including, fish, salads and meat based entrees. This restaurant also serves brunch and innovative cocktails. Be sure to book a reservation to try the best of Quebec cuisine.

If you’re looking for other activities and exciting events to experience with a view of Montreal, Observatoire 360° at Place Ville Marie hosts a multitude of unique endeavors. Invigorate your mind and body with yoga on the terrace during the full moon. If you’re interested in yoga with a treat, join fellow yogis on Sundays for yoga on the terrace and brunch at Les Enfants Terribles.

Aside from stretching with a view, visitors can take in an upgraded view of the city on Tuesday evenings to watch a glorious sunset upon the Montreal skyline. Check out the observatory’s website for updated information on new upcoming special events.

“This place is amazing. The views are amazing especially during sunset or at night. It’s truly a great experience.”

—Obed, Google

Take Amtrak to the Observatoire 360°

Experience this unforgettable attraction via Amtrak to Central Station in Montreal, Quebec—Don’t forget to use the New York By Rail 15% discount!