Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Enjoy delicious coffee and baked goods at Utica Coffee Roasting Company. At this coffee place, you’ll find a wide array of great menu items that will be sure to leave you wanting more. This coffee roasting company is popular among Utica residents and tourists alike.

Visiting the Utica area and craving a classic cup of coffee? Look no further on Genesee Street. Founded in 2002, founder and president Frank Elias believed that Genesee Street was the perfect starting point for a coffee company. In 2005, the company invested in a coffee roaster in order to source and roast high quality coffee.

The coffee roasting company sells a variety of beverage products. Some of these product categories include blends, decaf, flavored coffee, k-cups and organic. The coffee house serves a variety of classic options like lattes, espressos and teas. Utica Coffee Roasting Company also carries seasonal drinks. Be sure to check out their current seasonal menu for fun drinks, such as the White Chocolate Chai, Eggnog Cappuccino and the Winter Bloom.

Feeling hungry? The coffee roasting company serves plenty of tasty baked goods. You can find scones, muffins, cinnamon buns, oatmeal, Yuna’s cookie and Sandra’s desserts here. If you’re not into sweets, bagels and wraps are also available.

Want to make your own brew? Look up Brewtorials on the company’s website to view tutorials that teach you how to use machines like the French Press, Aeropress, Moka Pot and the Toddy Cold Brew Maker.

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“Best coffee around! Service was pleasant and expedient. The baked goods were excellent. A nice relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a quick bite and cup of coffee.”

—William B., Google

Take Amtrak to Utica Coffee Roasting Company

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