The Pennsy Food Hall

It takes about 100 steps after exiting the train at Penn Station to experience the great cuisine and liveliness of The Pennsy located above Penn, adjacent to Madison Square Garden in Penn Plaza, it is a hub for commuters, tourists, sports fans, and entertainers that can be seen and heard almost every lunch and dinner!

A perfect quote to describe what The Pennsy offers can be found on their site, “Vegans, omnivores, pescetarians, gluten-free, and everything in between — we got you.” The really do offer a little bit of everything to serve up the diverse crowd and taste buds of New York City.

The Pennsy is an 8,000 square foot eatery and a beautiful outdoor patio. There are six different places serving food, one very large bar, and a ton of outdoor games like giant chess and cornhole. There are televisions inside, so New York Rangers fans and New York Knicks fans won’t miss a second of the action that is happening right next door.

So Many Food Options!

The Pennsy operates a little differently than most places do, but it gives the options to the consumers. There are 6 different vendors inside and they are all better than the next! There is The Cinnamon Snail serving up delicious vegan options like the Thai BBQ tempeh. The Little Beet offering some organic options like the Tahini Zucchini dish. Pat LaFrieda puts out some of this chef’s famous sandwiches all in different styles. Ribalta is a pizza place with a twist, you can create your own pie! Sabi Sushi is exactly what it sounds like, an amazing unique sushi experience with the freshest ingredients. Lastly, there is Taco Dumbo, which is a healthy Southern-California taco eatery, nothing like the taco you’re used to! So check one or all of these places out next time you’re in the Big Apple!

The Pennsy Bar

You’re not going to a find a more reasonably priced bar in the heart of Manhattan like you will at The Pennsy. They create drinks that cater to the events that are going on at Madison Square Garden—being that they are just steps away, so be sure to ask what drink is pairing with the event. The Pennsy offers draft beers, cans, bottles, wine, and cocktails all under $15.

“The Pennsy is shaking up the dining desert that is Herald Square by offering fast-casual, chef-driven fare.”

—Emily Siegel, Zagat

What’s Near the Pennsy

It would be easier to say what’s not near The Pennsy. Being right above Penn Station allows visitors free range to the city with a handful of subway lines nearby, and trains coming and going. Madison Square Garden is directly adjacent to The Pennsy, which is home to the New York Rangers, New York Knicks, and a different event almost every night!