Strasenburgh Planetarium

Experience the beauty of outer space and learn about the planets at the Strasenburgh Planetarium in the Rochester Museum & Science Center.

See the Earth in real-time at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. Recently renovated in celebration of its 50th anniversary. 

Escape the city of Rochester and gaze at the stars while learning about the great unknown. The Strasenburgh Planetarium of the Rochester Museum & Science Center is the perfect place for an exciting and educational outer space experience. With telescope viewing, featured presentations, star shows and laser shows, you’re bound to leave the Planetarium with a smile on your face and more knowledge of the milky way than you could hope for.

Interested in a laid-back, yet entertaining experience? Check out the Strasenburgh Planetarium’s various star shows. Both The Sky Tonight and Stars with Carl are known for beautiful lights that place the audience in an immersive tour of our universe and outer space.

The planetarium’s laser shows are a must-see attraction. Some of these laser presentations include Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Radiohead and a show dedicated to the hits of the 1990s. Each laser show lasts around 50 minutes, making every show a worthwhile experience.

Seasonal laser shows are also available at the planetarium. Popular seasonal shows include the Holiday Laser show. From Nov. 13, 2021, to Jan. 2, 2022, you can watch a delightful show of famous holiday songs like Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, This Christmas by Yutaka, Blue Christmas by Elvis and so much more!

Among the most popular attractions at the planetarium is telescope viewing. Operated by the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Science club, the telescope is easily amid the most scenic experiences the planetarium has to offer. City lights have nothing on this telescope as stars and planets are still readily visible.

Additionally, the Strasenburgh Planetarium offers a range of featured presentations and events if you’re looking to try something new and fun with your family or friends. Check out the Rochester Museum & Science Center for updated events and show schedules.

Looking to visit the planetarium today? Tickets are available both online on the museum’s website and in person at the museum’s reception desk and box office.

Enjoy being on the inside of outer space and buy your tickets to the Strasenburgh Planetarium today.

“I enjoyed The Sky Tonight show. The presenter was wonderful! It was nice to learn.”

—Preston, Google

Take Amtrak to the Strasenburgh Planetarium

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