Stony Point Lighthouse

The historical site of the battle of Stony Point

Stony Point Lighthouse

Located along the Hudson River, is the historical site of the battle of Stony Point, one of the last Revolutionary War battles in the northeastern colonies. The lighthouse, built in 1826, is the oldest lighthouse in the Hudson Valley. Lighthouses along the Hudson River became essential after the construction of the Eerie Canal because they helped guide boats along the path. The lighthouses were critical in helping the traffic in the river flow smoothly. Many famous light keepers, including many remarkable women such as Nancy and Melinda Rose, resided at Stony Point Lighthouse. They made their homes in the lighthouse complexes and dedicated their time to helping guide travelers along the river. The Stony Point Lighthouse serves as an important reminder of the impact lighthouses had on commerce and navigation in the 19th century.

In 1995, the Stony Point lighthouse, along with several other lighthouses in the area, were restored, relighted and reopened to the public. The architecture of the Stony Point Lighthouse is remarkable. It contains seven oil lamps with reflectors and has gorgeous views of the Hudson River.

The site features a museum honoring the historical battle that took place there and also offers interpretative programs, such as war reenactments, cooking demonstrations and children’s activities.

The grounds of the lighthouse are open on weekdays from 10 A.M-4 P.M. Parking is available at the site. The museum is currently closed due to COVID 19 restrictions but the museum plans to reopen sometime in April. To stay updated on the museum’s reopening day, visit their Facebook. There are no pets allowed on the grounds of the site

Pricing Details:

Battlefield access: Access to the Battlefield is free to visitors during regular business hours. Donations are welcome

Group tours: Tours of the grounds are $5 per person and $7 for special event tours.

“A beautiful scenic location with lots of historical value, I definitely recommend checking this place out.”

—Mendel S., Google

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