Saw Mill RIver Daylighting Park

Saw Mill River Daylighting Park

Water from the Saw Mill River made Yonkers into a booming industrial town, but for years, the river was squeezed smaller and smaller as the city around it industrialized, until the 1920s when it was fully covered by a parking lot. Then, in the 1990s, it was decided that “daylighting” must be done to bring the River back.

The process of daylighting refers to “uncovering the previously buried sections” of the river. As the process began, a new path was created for the river and funding was brought in from non-profits, local foundations, and more. By April 2012, life had come back to the river. There are now 14,000 square feet of new aquatic habitat with a tidal pool and two freshwater pools that are home to turtles, ducks, blue crabs, black-nosed dace, the American eel, and even more. A variety of plant species also thrive in the river.

Today, the park, beyond supporting natural life, attracts human life! The park has become host to tours, art shows, events, music performances, public art, and a farmer’s market. Local educators use the American Eel Outdoor classroom, named for the endangered eel that has journeyed from the Sargasso Sea to the river.

Take Amtrak to Saw Mill River Park

Visit this park via Amtrak to Yonkers Station.