Rochester Public Market

The Rochester Public Market, open since 1905, has been voted one of the best public markets in the United States. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, vendors offer produce, baked goods, specialty and general merchandise.

For well over a century the City of Rochester Public Market has been a hub of commerce, culture and community. The Market, at its North Union Street site just outside downtown since 1905, is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays year-round, with vendors in open-air covered outdoor sheds and a new fully enclosed shed. These vendors—well over 200 on busiest Saturdays during the warmer months–offer local produce as well as produce from across the country and from around the world; meats, seafood, and dairy products; baked goods; specialty foods and spices; prepared and boxed foods; beverages; and general merchandise including clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts, and more. Some vendors are new to the Market, while others are the latest in several generations of Market farmers and sellers.

The Market shopping experience includes buying direct from local farmers, wholesalers, specialty food and beverage producers and proprietors, bakers, and much more. The Market is a place to find an incredible variety of people as well as a variety of products. It is surely the most diverse gathering one will find in Greater Rochester.

At the City of Rochester Public Market, the variety of activities and experience extends well beyond food shopping as well: nonprofit special guests, musicians and street performers, and free cooking/nutrition demonstrations are just a few things to be discovered on regular Market days! In addition to the three regular Market days per week year-round, the Market also hosts several popular free-admission special events series such as Flower City Days (horticultural extravaganza), Food Truck Rodeos, Artist Row, Bands on the Bricks, Community Garage Sales, Halloween at the Market, Holidays at the Market, and more! All these events combined add another 50 days each year that the Market is open to the community.

Thanks to all these offerings, history, and devotion among thousands and thousands of vendors and customers, the Market won the American Farmland Trust’s America’s Favorite Farmers Market Award in 2010! The Public Market also has the nation’s leading farmers/public market program for SNAP, or “food stamp” recipients. Thanks to the City’s non-profit Friends of the Public Market, the Market Token Program makes it seamless for those with SNAP benefits to buy healthy, fresh affordable food—and easy for the vendors and thus the local economy to benefit as well.

Surrounding the Market is the wider Market District, with a growing number of restaurants and cafes, retail shops, breweries, distilleries, art galleries and studios, and more. And the Market is within easy driving, walking, cycling, and transit distance from Center City Rochester and its many attractions and amenities.

“Love, love, love the public market!! The best is to have one of the egg sandwiches from the stands. But also worthwhile is of course all the fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t forget to stop by Flour City Bread to stock up on their delicious artisanal breads.”

—Sharon M., TripAdvisor

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