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Parc Safari

Since 1972, over 13 million visitors have gone on an African safari without going to Africa. At Parc Safari, you can see many of the 265 animals (28 different species) from your personal car on the 2-hour driving tour around the park. You can even pet and feed them from your car window!

The entire zoo has over 500 animals (70 species) and numerous attractions, all aiming to both entertain and educate families not only about African wildlife, but also species from other parts of the world. In May 2018, two cheetah cubs were born at Parc Safari, a first for the zoo and for the province of Québec.

Exploring Parc Safari

After driving over the simulated African savannah, you can do a walking safari to experience the rest of the park. The circuit includes such stops as Lion Tunnels, Five Continents Animal Farm and Deer Trail. An elevated terrace in the shape of the African continent gives you a panoramic view of the African Plain and the Elephant Enclosure. You’ll be face to face with giraffes impatiently waiting for you to give them a snack. You might also spot rhinos, elands, addax and zebras.

At the Five Continents Animal Farm and Deer Trail, you’ll meet domestic animals from other parts of the world that humans rely on to perform services and for their fur, meat and feathers or quills. Kids can also ride on the back of a pony or dromedary.

Younger kids will love Nishati Park, a playground area, with five inflatable games, a maze, a climbing wall, obstacle trail and giant slide, each with an animal theme. Parc Safari also has a waterpark (summer only) and a mini-golf course that mimics Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingston’s first map of Africa.

Take Amtrak to Parc Safari

Take Amtrak to Central Station in Montréal (MTR). Don’t forget to use the New York By Rail 15% discount!

To go from the station to the zoo, reserve an NYTRAIN Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise picks you up at the station and takes you to your vehicle. Click here to reserve your car or call the Montréal office today at: 450-670-6700.