New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden is a national landmark that has more than one million plants to its name. In the spring, you may visit their Arboretum collection, Azalea Garden, Children's Adventure Garden, and many others. In the summer, check out their crabapples, daffodils, and wetland trail!

In the Name of Conservation

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) values conservation and provides fundamental research that helps conduct policy and decisions dictated by local, national and international level. NYBG’s very own scientists are currently working on 250 international collaborations with 168 institutions in 49 countries. With an open mind, guests to the gardens can be a part of this extraordinary scientific process in real time.

One Million Plants!

With over 50 gardens, collections and exhibits, NYBG are home to over one million species of plants. Since the late 1800’s, NYBG has been cultivating new and creative gardens that have brought more expansive and incredible gardens to life than ever before. Today, the 250-acre Garden—the largest in any city in the United States—is a National Historic Landmark.

Current Exhibits

Biophillia: Sharing Our #PlantLove

Discover the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory’s permanent collections anew—palms, cycads, Monstera, ferns, cacti, and so many more—through the lens of the curators and gardeners who care for them. Explore their love for plants and the stories they reveal about nature, adaptation, and human culture.

The Orchid Show: Singapore

Singapore—where the national flower is an orchid—is the inspiration for the 17th annual Orchid Show. Elevate your interest in these storied flowers that are an integral part of the island’s culture and landscape. In the landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, thousands of colorful orchids in every shape and size surround you—reaching up towering structures and clinging to overhead arches—creating a horticultural spectacle not to be missed. Exhibition ends April 28, 2019.

A World of Plants

This is an ongoing exhibit that showcases the Garden’s living collections of many interesting plants. While extraordinarily showing lush tropical rainforests, cactus-filled deserts, curated displays of palms from around the world, aquatic and carnivorous plants, and much more.

Virtual Walks 

Take a virtual tour of through beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens. Take a walk through the tulips and spring’s arrival by watching short videos of the vivid colors of nature at the New York Botanical Garden. Visit New York Botanical Garden’s website to explore nature and its exquisite colors from home.  

“Taking nothing away from Central Park, none is quite as breathtaking as the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.”

—David Hinckley, NY Daily News

New York Botanical Garden

A Top Pick from Don Wildman

“The New York Botanical Garden is a Bronx classic. Calvert Vaux and the Olmsteds—the designers who created Central Park—laid out this verdant, 250-acre landscape 125-years ago on behalf of botanist Nathaniel Lord Britton, who believed New York should have its own version of London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Indeed, the grandeur and elegance of the buildings and esplanades transport you to a more graceful era. But walk in the old-growth forest, a last vestige of virgin east coast woodland, to experience what the wilderness was like before Gotham was born.”

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Take Amtrak to New York Botanical Garden

Experience the New York Botanical Garden via Amtrak to Penn Station in New York City—Don’t forget to use the See New York and Save 15% discount!

From 34th Street-Penn Station, take the 1, 2, or 3 subway lines uptown to 42nd Street-Times Square and transfer to the S train toward Grand Central. From Grand Central Station, take the Harlem line to the Botanical Garden Station.

Or, from 34th Street-Penn Station, take the A subway line uptown toward Inwood-207th Street. At 125th Street Station, transfer to the D line going uptown toward Norwood-205th Street Station to Bedford Park Boulevard Station. From Bedford Park Boulevard Station, walk southeast along Bedford Park Boulevard to the New York Botanical Garden (13-minute walk).

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