Lyndhurst Mansion

The Lyndhurst Mansion was listed in Forbes Magazine as one of America's most beautiful mansions and is considered to be the seminal house of the 19th Century.


The Lyndhurst Mansion was an architecturally brilliant design for a Gothic Revival mansion. This once private residence was passed down through multiple people and families. It was often used as a summer home until Anna, the Duchess of Talleyrand-Perigord came into possession of the beautiful estate. When the Dutchess died, she donated the Lyndhurst to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


The Lyndhurst Mansion survives and thrives as a taste of the 19th and 20th century. The mansion stayed intact mainly because it was used as a country home. The Lyndhurst Mansion reflects the three major families that lived there and the five major owners that had lived there before it was donated. Lyndhurst offers a Classic Mansion Tour perfect for first-time visitors, and two specialty tours recommended for visitors returning to Lyndhurst for a closer look at the site’s unique and unseen spaces


Head over to the Lyndhurst and get a personal experience of the evolution of American identity. The tour includes 19 decorated rooms inside the mansion as well as the other unique features of the property, such as the bowling alley, kitchen, laundry room, observation tower and majestic landscape.

Tour Options

The Classic Mansion Tour

This is known to be a great tour for the first-time visitor to get a look at the life that the owners lived.

Specialty tours:

Backstairs Tours

This will be a “behind the scenes” look at the mansion while scaling stairs to the tower for a spectacular view of the Hudson River and Manhattan. You will also get a look into the life of the servants and butlers.

Landscape Tours

This is a 2-mile outdoor walking tour that explores the landscape of the property including the bowling alley and recreation pavilion.

These tours give a closer look at the unique and usually unseen spaces.

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