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Lugo Cucina Italian Restaurant

Once travelers, tourists, commuters, and locals leave Penn Station they are basically already at Lugo Cucina's doorstep. It is just a one minute walk and the haunting aroma outside of the restaurant will draw you in.

Lugo Cucina is a one-of-a-kind place, blending modern Italian cuisine with 1960’s style Italian dishes. They capture what it was like to grow up in Italy in the past and today, by using the freshest ingredients and recipes that mimic how everyone’s grandmother used to do it.

There is also no bad time to stop by Lugo Cucina, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want to grab an espresso, cappuccino, or a delicious pastry that are authentic to the Italian style breakfast then this is your place. If you’re looking for an enticing lunch or dinner the menu is always offering some Italian comfort foods.

La Dolce Vita Dream.

The decor and layout have changed since the Italian menswear company Lugo Menswear bought the restaurant and changed it from a steak and chops joint to an Italian restaurant that captures culture along with good eats. Lugo Cucina has a vision of replicating Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini’s depiction of Rome in the 1960s, critically acclaimed film La Dolce Vita. Similar to the film, Lugo Cucina has captured the elements of Rome that make the city so picture perfect.

Food and Drinks

Quality is one of the main focuses of Lugo Cucina. The pasta is homemade, the salads are made with the freshest greens and vegetables, the pizzas showcase the creativity of the chefs, and a gem of the restaurant are the famous meatballs. If you’re not looking for a full meal the best option would be to sit back enjoy a glass of wine and dine on some Italian tapas. Of course, the wines are all sourced from the vineyards of Italy to give more of the authentic feeling of being in a caffè in Rome.

“The area around Madison Square Garden is a restaurant wasteland with the rare sparkling exception of Lugo Cucina Italiana.”

Fodor’s Travel

What’s Near Lugo Cucina

Lugo Cucina is just steps away from one of the greatest arenas, Madison Square Garden. Also, the Italian restaurant is just three blocks away from the famous Hammerstein Ballroom, a spot this is a must for tourists to check out!