Hull-O Farms

Visit Hull-O Farms for a family farm vacation with all-natural, farm-fresh meats and produce. Experience a part of farming history, as you learn how to take care of farm animals and all that needs to be done on a farm every day.


The Hull family can be traced back to the 17th century when George Hull relocated his family to Connecticut. His son John then left with his wife to New York and eventually settled in Durham, New York.  The farm that they founded is still being operated today under the same family, with a dedication to farming heritage.


Visit Hull-O Farms and reflect on the farming heritage that was previously shared by all. For over two decades Hull-O Farms has been sharing their personal farming heritage with visitors. They allow those that live in suburbs or the city to experience a family farm vacation. There are daily tours that take approximately 45 min – 1 hour that will allow one to visit and see how the farm operates.

The Experience

You’ll wake up on a farm, that means no outside noise, no hustle-and-bustle from the city, just farm sounds. The farm located in the Catskills will take you away from all of what you know from your regular life, and bring you back to the farming heritage that everyone is linked to.  Frank and Sherry Hull take service to the next level as they do everything the can make everyone that visits enjoy a memorable stay.

Take Amtrak to Hull-O Farms

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