Eastman Theatre

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The walls of Rochester’s Eastman Theatre have heard countless talented performances, and have had stages for some of Rochester’s best musicians to perform on.

Ranging from students who are studying and performing music at the adjacent University of Rochester, all the way to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the music does not disappoint.

The theatre opened in 1922, when George Eastman partnered with Rush Rhees who, at the time, was the president of the University.

In 1922 the theatre was unlike any others of its time. It had the largest marquee of any theatre out there. It also had the largest theater organ.

Eastman Theatre though, has come a long way from its origins.

The building is comprised of three main music halls. Kodak Hall is the largest. It can seat up to 2,326 guests and is the main concert space for students, the Philharmonic Orchestra, and various opera shows.

Kilbourn Hall is smaller and can only fit around 400 guests. However, some view it as the best music hall in the world because it has phenomenal acoustics.

The smallest music hall is Hatch Recital Hall, but it is the perfect size for a solo show or a small group. It holds around 200 people.

Having the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the Eastman Theatre is one of the acts that draws in a lot of guests. They perform classic orchestral songs like the Nutcracker, but they also have made themselves known for work they have done on various movies and video game soundtracks. Films like Star Wars and Harry Potter feature the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Most of the events that go on in Eastman Theatre are free of charge, especially the student performances. There are about 700 performances a year at the theatre and they offer live streams for fans who would like to attend, but cannot be there in person.

“Great place to watch and listen to music, the decor is fantastic.”

—Dion, Google Review

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