Dominion Square Tavern

Enjoy delicious, unique cocktails and exquisite meals at the Dominion Square Tavern in Montreal, Quebec.

Since 1927, the Dominion Square Tavern is one of the first gay bars in the city. Take a step back in time. Vintage decor. Comfort food. Homemade desserts.

Enjoy delicious, unique cocktails and exquisite meals at the Dominion Square Tavern in Montreal, Quebec.

Established in 1927 as one of Montreal’s first gay bars, the Dominion Square Tavern doubles as both a bar and a restaurant. Featuring a beautiful interior with fantastic dim lighting, the entrees and drink menu won’t be the only thing you’ll be admiring all night. When you enter this tavern you’ll be sure to notice its historical roots. Although the bar offers a refined ambience, this tavern is old fashioned at heart, serving dishes and drinks in a manner that will make you feel nostalgic. 

The food presentation may be creative and distinguished, but the tavern serves all of the classic meals you’ve been craving. Known for their hearty British style cuisine, the tavern knows how to fill your stomach and heart. Some of their most popular dishes include Bangers and Mash, Sticky Toffee, Deviled Eggs and Braised Beef. If you’re interested in a satisfying Sunday outing, be sure to make a reservation for their famous Sunday Roast.

Craving a cocktail with an old fashioned twist? The bar has a plethora of your typical alcoholic beverages ranging from craft beers to house-made gin and tonics and Canadian Old Fashioned’s. If you enjoy cocktails that are both delectable and worth your money, this tavern is the perfect stop for you.

Aside from the fantastic dining experience, the Dominion Square Tavern is known for its quiet and intimate setting. You won’t have to worry about yelling over the music to engage in conversation here.

Treat yourself to a fulfilling drink and dining experience at the Dominion Square Tavern and make your reservation today!

“The winning combination of great food, creative ways of presenting the classics and a fun crowd made a wonderful dining experience.”

—David, Trip Advisor

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