Branca Midtown

Branca Midtown is a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine, located in Rochester New York. It is in a newly renovated building downtown. The sleek exterior with large windows to let in natural light is a testament of modern design that opens up the room in vibrant color displaying the clash of industrial architectural ceilings with hanging lamps and a marble countertop bar with wooden tables and chairs with leather. This vibrant, awake atmosphere created by the expansive white walls and open floor plan transforms at night into a cosy oasis as the lights dim and the candles emerge while the windows are illuminated from the city lights outside. The exceptional ambiance at Branca is perfectly complemented by their delectable dishes. They pride themselves on making their own pizza dough, cheese and pasta by hand each day to ensure freshness and authenticity. They take old world recipes and tweak them with a modern twist to preserve and expand on tradition. Their cocktails take inspiration from tradition and they add on their own flare. You can also enjoy their assortment of carefully selected Italian wines chosen for a variety of tastes. The attention to detail and care for the food they make is what sets Branca Midtown apart from other establishments in a positive way. Options of indoor dining, outdoor dining on their patio and takeout are available. Original takes on traditional recipes and freshly crafted food is what you can anticipate at Branca Midtown. Experience the delectable food, drinks and atmosphere that this fine eatery has to offer by making it the next destination on your list.

“Excellent for lunch. The bartender is a phenomenal server and incredibly attentive. Our meals came out fast and were excellent in presentation and flavor. I will definitely go back in the future.”

—Kevin Boutelle, Local guide

Take Amtrak to Branca midtown

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