Walk through replicas of four ecosystems found throughout the Americas in a velodrome originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games.

Photo Courtesy of Biodôme


Although the Biodôme is located in the heart of the city of Montreal, it has become the home to some of the most beautiful ecosystems in the Americas: the Tropical Rainforest, the Laurentian Maple Forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Subpolar Regions of the Americas (the Labrador Coast & Sub-Antarctic Islands).

The Ecosystems of the Biodôme

The ecosystem of the Tropical Rainforest of the Americas allows you to explore the beautiful fish and birds that make this ecosystem their home. This exhibit will allow visitors to watch the birds’ social interaction. The walkway allows visitors to walk above the canopies and trees where the birds are perched.

The ecosystem of the Laurentian Maple Forest will allow visitors to get really close the animals. The lynx habitat is opened up for the visitors to closely observe the lynx. The raccoons and porcupines also have open exhibits for visitors to observe. And, visitors are also allowed access to see the underwater exhibit of the beaver lodge.

The ecosystem of the Subpolar Regions is an immersive experience. A wall of ice creates a barrier to accommodate both the penguins of the Sub-Antarctic Islands ecosystem and the auks of the Labrador Coast ecosystem. Not only does this allow visitors to observe the birds, but it also allows you to feel the cold climates of these two ecosystems.

The ecosystem of the Gulf of St. Lawrence will allow visitors to feel as if they are truly in the middle of the Gulf. The detailed scenic design will make visitors feel like they are on a boat with birds flying past.

The History of the Biodôme

The Biodôme’s name means “house of life,” and the Biodôme’s concept of its “ecosystem” was one of the first. The Biodôme opened in 1992, and 20 years later, their approach is still unrivaled. The Biodôme represents the natural environment in a complex way with its “rocks,” climate, and lighting. The Biodôme dedicates itself to its animal species and its special interaction between the animal and plant species.

The Biodôme’s Commitment to the Environment

The Biodôme aims to raise individual and collective awareness about the need to protect and rehabilitate our ecosystems. They do this by carrying out conservation, research, outreach, and educational efforts.

Biodôme Tickets

Adults must pay $20.50 for entry; residents of Quebec pay $16.

Visitors ages 65 and up pay $18.75; residents of Quebec pay $15.

Students pay $15; residents pay $12.25.

Visitors ages 5-17 pay $10.25; residents pay $8.

Children under the age of 4 are free.

There are also family rates that allow families with 2 adults and up to 3 children ages 5-17 entry for $56.75; residents of Quebec pay $45.