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Barbie Expo

Take a trip to the Barbie Expo and check out all of the different clothes and patterns designed for Barbies by some of the world’s best.

Visit the Barbie Expo in Montréal to see designers such as Vera Wang, Ralph Laurent, and Armani display their sophisticated and intricate work on the world famous dolls. Take in the fascinating sights of these tiny dresses all perfectly put together around these dolls to make them look like real models. This one-of-a-kind museum is one that is a dreamland for anyone who is into fashion or the Barbie doll collection.

“The Barbie Expo is a really amazing exposition. All of the Barbies are made in their unique way. We can see that all of them were created with hard work and creativity. The fact that most cultures are presented is awesome. Me and my friend really loved this!”

—Lubz Z., TripAdvisor

Take Amtrak to the Barbie Expo

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