Bannerman Castle

Up in the Hudson Highlands sits Pollepel, or Bannerman Island – home to Bannerman Castle. The island is named for the legend of a young girl, Polly Pell who was rescued from breaking river ice by a man who she would later right on the shores of the island. It has even been through that the island played a role in the American Revolution as a defense against the British fleet in 1777. Although the “chevaux de frise,” in which devices of wooden cribs are set to the bottom of the river and filled with metal-tipped, pointed logs, was unsuccessful, one of its “points” is on display in Newburgh, New York.

Francis Bannerman was born in Dundee Scotland in 1851 and after moving to Brooklyn he became a successful businessman heading the operation known as “Bannerman’s.” In 1900, the family purchased an island from the Taf family that Francis’s son David had spotted while sailing to act as a safe storage site. The house on the island became the Bannerman’s summer home.

Today, you can tour this historic island in whatever way suits you best. Enjoy a 30-minute boat ride to the island and then a 45-minute guided walking tour or embark on a kayaking adventure across the Hudson and circle the island before you step ashore and visit the castle.

There are also a variety of events held on the island throughout the year including movie showings, butterfly tours, special dinners, including a farm-to-table feast, or even a titanic-themed dinner. Check out all available tours and events on the website.

Bannerman Castle

Take Amtrak to Bannerman Castle

Visit Bannerman Castle via Amtrak to Croton-Harmon station.