Atwater Market

Shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and more from the tons of different merchants that come together to display their goods at the Atwater Market.

Join the masses and experience the countless number of merchants that have the best goods the area has to offer on sale for the public. From the Dauphinais family selling their 20 different varieties of apples to Filets Express selling their salmon and whole fish, there is something at the Atwater Market for everyone to enjoy. If that isn’t enough, flowers and wildlife are also available for purchase at plenty of stands at the market. Come on down to shop and celebrate great food and all that these merchants have to offer!

“Atwater Market is such a sweet little farmer’s market specializing in beautiful botanicals, local produce, specialty cheese shops & a huge bakery (Premiere Moisson) at the far corner of the market. From locally grown delicious berries to smooth creamy cheese to buttery croissants to vibrant dahlias, there is surely something to tantalize all of your senses.”

—Nichole M., TripAdvisor

Take Amtrak to the Atwater Market

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