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Art Omi

Art Omi is an art and performance gallery, an artists and writers' colony and an outdoor sculpture field in Ghent.

The Campus

Art Omi’s 200-acre campus is home to the works of a massive colony of artists. The center is located in Columbia County, in the town of Ghent, New York. The Fields at Omi are open year-round to the public during daylight hours. There are six areas of the park that showcase sculptures. The innovative and bold design will inspire art lovers and instill a newfound appreciation for art in novice art patrons. Visitors can walk, bike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski around the Fields depending on the weather.

The Charles B. Benenson Visitor Center and Gallery is a 4,200 square-foot and environmentally green venue for art. After exploring all the grounds have to offer, visitors need not go anywhere for lunch. Cafe Omi offers seasonal specials through its partnership with Love Apple Farms.

Art Omi

Art Omi is a non-profit organization comprised of international artists, writers, translators, musicians, architects and dancers that convene at the formerly OMI International Art Center. A core belief of Art Omi is that tolerance, respect, and peace can be fostered through exposure to the creative works of diverse artists. The art center has housed over 2,000 artists from over 100 countries and has been a destination for countless more.

The Art Omi has residency programs for applicants that wish to hone their skills and expand the scope of their work. 30 artists, 10 dancers, 10 writers and translators, 10 architects, and 12-15 musicians and composers are housed at the OMI campus during residency periods. Visitors to the center can watch performances, listen to readings, and attend exhibitions of the residents during their stay. Art Omi-Education engages students of all ages with contemporary art, ideas, and techniques. There are designated programs for pre-schoolers, school-age children, and post-school teens and adults.

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