Albany Center Gallery

The Albany Center Gallery is an exhibition space showing cutting-edge work from regional artists through a rotation of events and exhibits.

Visit the Albany Center Gallery to see impressive contemporary artwork from regional artists within 100 miles of Albany! There is always something new to see or experience at the gallery as there are no permanent collections. This makes the gallery especially unique in that visitors will never make the same trip twice, instead witnessing different works and ideas each time. In addition, many artists who have shown their work at the gallery since it opened in 1977 as emerging artists are now nationally or internationally known. Part of the Albany Center Gallery’s mission is to make art accessible to all, and they contribute to this idea by offering free admission. 

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

On a visit to the Albany Center Gallery, visitors might see many different types of artwork, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, mixed media pieces, videos, installations, and more. 

Their most recent exhibit is called Ecosystems and began October 11th of this year. The exhibit continues through November 12th, exploring the idea of how humans have impacted our surrounding ecosystems. An exploration of human consumption and the environment’s ability to evolve, this exhibit is truly topical for 2022.

After Ecosystems closes, the gallery will be having its 45th Anniversary Celebration, titled Through the Decades. This celebration will offer, food, dancing, art and community on November 19th, 2022 at 7pm! Tickets are available for purchase on their site , if you are interested in celebrating the ACG’s growth over the years!

For more information on current and upcoming exhibits, visit the Albany Center Gallery website here.

Capital Wall Murals

In addition to amazing exhibitions and events, the Albany Center Gallery, along with Albany Barn and Albany Parking Authority, works to create uplifting and meaningful works of art throughout Albany through Capital Wall Murals. These large scale murals contribute to the unique culture and feel of Albany, and the gallery also offers walking tours that give visitors a chance to learn more about each one. 

Located right in downtown Albany, the Albany Center Gallery has a lot to offer and is a must-see destination! Be sure to visit this unique attraction on your next trip to the Capital region.

“I just love the new location on Broadway, off of maiden Lane. Great gallery space and interesting exhibits showcasing local artists. We have lots of great talent here in the Capital region!”

    —bluesmama11, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

Take Amtrak to Albany Center Gallery

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