Capital Walls Murals

Capital Walls Murals

Capital Walls Murals is a public art project by Albany Center Gallery, Albany Parking Authority, and Albany Barn. The public murals seek to inspire the community with art that is thought-provoking, educational and bold. This project gave artists the opportunity to display their talent and creativity in the city walls of Albany, New York. The murals have a great impact on the community. The project attracts tourism, giving residents pride and an increased sense of community. No matter the time of year – winter or summer – it is a unique site to see and can give tourists a fun way to explore the area outdoors. 

The Murals and Tours

Capital Walls Murals consists of 19 distinct murals in Downtown Albany. Courage, Journey, Paradise Pattern, Love Goes On, and Bluebirds are some of the names of the murals found around the city. Bluebirds by Michael Conlin showcases the different stages of a bluebird in flight. The Bluebird represents the state bird of New York and welcomes visitors to the walls of a parking garage to Albany. On the other hand, Journey, created by Azru Fallahi and completed in June 2019, “depicts her diverse experiences as a citizen of both the East and the West.” The mural shows a paper boat and symbolizes an immigrant’s journey. Love Goes On, by Nick Walker, is displayed on a wall of the Green-Hudson Parking Garages. This mural represents ” the universal message of love having the capability to be the everlasting entity in a world of fleeting things and moments.” Walker, who is originally from England, has also worked with artists like Banksy.

We’ve only highlighted a few. To learn more about the different murals and the artists who did them, click here.

Albany Center Gallery offers a guided walking tour in the summer as part of Albany’s “Art for All” weekend. The tour is led by Tony Iadicicco and will stop to admire the various murals in Downtown Albany. Other tours are offered throughout the year, including the two years and running summer bike tours, to explore the beauty of the city through public murals.  

Currently, the Albany Center Gallery is looking for new locations to paint public murals. If you have a suggestion, contact them here. 

If you aren’t able to make it out to Albany to see the murals yourself, you’re not out of luck. The “Artful Albany” podcast has episodes that explore the aforementioned Bluebirds mural in addition to a few of the others. It’s a perfect way to hear more about the murals and historic Albany and view a photo to imagine you are there. If you are in the area, it is the perfect addition to a self-guided tour. Plus, they’ve put together a walking tour map that includes everything from stops on the way to where to get food and the best places to park.

“We are excited to share the stories, inspiration and vision behind the murals while highlighting the artists’ creations,” said Tony Iadicicco, curator of the Capital Walls Murals. “As we tour the Capital Walls murals, we hope you learn more about the process and the importance of having public art accessible 24/7. We look forward to working more with our partners and creatives as we collaborate to share more art with the community.”

If you’re headed to see the murals in the colder weather, grab a heavy coat, gloves, a hat and maybe even a cup of joe. You won’t want to miss these unique pieces of street art. If you visit make and decide to post a photo, make sure to use #capitalwalls.

The murals are made possible by a partnership between the Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn and Albany Parking Authority.

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