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Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area

Learn about wildlife management and explore Utica's natural environment.

Enjoy beautiful views and trails at the Utica Marsh Wildlife Management Area. At the marsh, visitors can experience Utica’s immersive natural landscape. 

The establishment prioritizes wildlife management, wildlife habitat management and wildlife-dependent recreation. One of the best aspects of the management area is its close proximity to the city. You won’t have to wander too far from city-life to enjoy Utica’s natural environment.

Aside from the management area itself, the marsh includes distinctive landscapes. You’ll walk along cattail wetlands, wet meadows, open water pools and flooded willows. No matter which landscape you’re exploring, you’ll be in awe of everything Utica has to offer.

While hiking the Utica Marsh area you’ll find a flat, non-challenging path. Walking through this area is a relaxing hike for those who want an easy nature walk. However, there is little shade in the area, so be sure to protect your skin from UV rays by applying sunscreen before you go. If you need a break from this leisurely stroll, there are plenty of opportunities to sit and observe wildlife and nature.

Other featured activities at the management area include trapping, fishing and experiencing wildlife. You can watch several creatures such as birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and various insects. Although there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy at the management area, some activities are prohibited. Activities that are prohibited include, hunting, swimming, camping and more.

While in the Utica area, you may be interested in exploring the rest of this great city. You can learn more about Utica’s attractions here.

“Experience distant closeness. I enjoy walking the countryside without leaving the city.”

—Philip B., Google

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