The Loch Central Park

Enjoy a winding man-made stream that takes you through the Ravine, Glen Span and Huddlestone arches and into Harlem Meer in Central Park.

Ever wondered about the various bodies of water throughout Central Park in NYC? Visit Central Park’s the Loch, a winding stream that meanders near several gorgeous waterfalls.

The Loch gets its name from the Scottish word for lake. Although not quite a lake, the stream runs alongside the Ravine Walk and features the aforementioned waterfalls. These waterfalls can be up to eight to 12-feet high. When exploring the Loch, it’s best to follow the Ravine Walk, as it showcases so much of Central Park’s natural beauty. This walk is located in Central Park’s North Woods and is perfect for anyone looking to be immersed in the sights and sounds of New York nature. While walking along the Loch, you’ll likely experience a variety of Central Park’s local fauna. Keep an eye out for any of the chipmunks, squirells and 210 bird species wandering about the area.

This stream is just one of many man-made bodies of water throughout the park. The Loch runs under the Glen Span Arch and the Huddlestone Arch before eventually connecting to the Harlem Meer. Because of these arches, you’ll be sure to experience both nature and some of the architecture of the park. The stream also features three glorious cascades as a result of the park’s dams.

“The waterfalls provide an escape from the noises of police sirens and car honking for visitors, replacing it with the soothing sounds of birds chirping and flowing water.”

—Charly, Google

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