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Swedish Cottage

Enjoy a delightful marionette show suited for children and adults alike.

COVID-19 Update
The Swedish Cottage in Central Park is currently closed.
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Interested in experiencing an old-school puppet show? Visit the Swedish Cottage, located in Central Park. The Swedish Cottage has made its mark on Central Park in 1947 with its several classic marionette shows.

With its Scandinavian design, the Swedish Cottage was originally constructed in Sweden. The theater has been continuously disassembled and reassembled to fit different themes and purposes. Landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted admired the theater so much that he decided to include it into his design for Central Park in 1877. Throughout its history at Central Park, the Swedish Cottage has served multiple distinct purposes, but since 1939, the structure is a well-regarded marionette theater.

Thousands of families enjoy a variety of shows each year. Some of the most popular marionette plays performed at the theater include “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Peter Pan,” “Cinderella” and “Puss in Boots.” Be sure to pay for tickets at the theater for a cheaper option. However, these performances by skilled puppeteers are worth every penny.

Although the theater is currently closed, the wooden structure itself is a beauty to behold. The theater’s structure consists of Sweden’s native pine and cedar. Once this lovely marionette theater reopens, be sure to visit while in Central Park

“The play was beautiful. The puppets were so cute. The seating was organized where you can see the play from any angle. Young children will totally enjoy it along with the adults.

—Grisel A., Google

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