Schenectady County Historical Society’s Walking Tours

Partake in the Schenectady County Historical Society’s Walking Tours to visit and learn about the beautiful city’s rich history.

Once a month, the Schenectady County Historical Society hosts a three hour walking tour throughout the city of Schenectady. On this tour, you will visit some of the city’s most historic sites and also learn from the society’s knowledgeable guides. In addition, these walking tours are typically themed so that the locations change every time you visit. Themes have included Gossips and Gadflies, Black History in Schenectady, Revolutionary Schenectady and more! Furthermore, admission to take a tour is $10 and can be purchased on the Schenectady County Historical Society’s website.

Whether you enjoy history or are seeking something fun to do in Schenectady, these walking tours are a must visit. Step into the history of upstate New York when you sign up for the Schenectady County Historical Society’s Walking Tours!

“The walking tours put on by the historical society give visitors a chance to see the neighborhood up close and to listen to stories about the rich history of the area.  “

—lupaglupa, TripAdvisor

Walking Tour: Colonial Schenectady Friday, Aug 14, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members The shaded streets of the Stockade were first laid down in 1661. Travel back with us to a time when our city was simply the “Place Beyond the Pines,” a tiny trade post where diverse cultures and languages met. We’ll relive the remarkable stories of the first generations of Schenectadians.
Walking Tour: Gossips and Gadflies Friday, Aug 18, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members Can you keep a secret? This tour explores the Stockade through the writings of Harriet Mumford Paige. Living in the early 19th century, she was an ordinary woman with an extraordinary penchant for peddling rumors. Together we’ll air out all of her neighbor’s dirty laundry!
Walking Tour: Black History in Schenectady Wednesday, Aug 26, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members Schenectady is filled with Black history and culture. Join us for a walking tour as we explore the people and places that make Schenectady’s Black heritage so vibrant. From the Underground Railroad to the Great Migration and the Civil Rights movement, Black Schenectadians have created a proud and tangible legacy in Schenectady County’s history!
Walking Tour: Revolutionary Schenectady Friday, Sept 4, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members From forts to barracks and from patriots to loyalists, Schenectady had it all during the American Revolution, Journey with us to Colonial America as we discuss how Schenectady fought for America’s independence in the 18th century. Included on the tour is a peek at the incredibly rare Liberty Flag, housed at the SCHS Museum!
Walking Tour: The Civil War in Schenectady Friday, Aug 28, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members Though no Civil War battles were fought in New York, the state was nevertheless a major source of troops, supplies, equipment and financing for the Union Army. We’ll explore what role Schenectadians played in the War Between the States.
Walking Tour: Scandalous Schenectady Friday, Sept 11, 6pm @ 32 Washington | $10; free for members Every city has its fair share of scandal! Scandalous Schenectady recalls some of Schenectady’s more nefarious characters. Bold bootlegging, cruel kidnappings and maybe even a few mysterious murders…this tour has it all!

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