Downtown Saratoga Springs: A Local Guide

Saratoga Springs Downtown is a year-round destination for dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Saratoga Springs Downtown is a year-round walkable destination for dining, shopping, and nightlife. During the day, explore boutiques, bookstores, and cafes. At night, bars, restaurants, and theaters bring life to Lake Ave., Broadway, and surrounding streets.


A small group of 25 Saratoga businesses formed the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association in the 1960s. Now there are over 200 members that plan some of the area’s most creative events. Yearly membership dues fund the detailed map of Saratoga Springs Downtown, promotions for the businesses involved, and fresh ideas to invigorate the Downtown area. The previously-named “August Place To Be” has become a year-round destination, with unique draws like the annual Fall Festival or the Victorian Streetwalk. Eclectic art galleries, exciting nightlife, relaxing spas, and much more categorize Saratoga Springs Downtown.


Saratoga Springs Downtown offers premium shopping options. There are very few store chains lining the downtown streets, making the quaint “mom-and-pops” and elegant boutiques delightful attractions. Fashionistas will be pleased with Saratoga Sundress, Spoken, Lifestyles of Saratoga, Violet’s, Frivolous Gal, and several other stylistic clothing stores. Bookstores, Alpine Sports Suppliers, and mineral-care shops make Saratoga Springs Downtown a diverse shopping center.

Food and Nightlife

The variety of cuisines found in Saratoga Springs Downtown will please even the pickiest of eaters. New England taverns, renowned French creole restaurants, Italian trattoria’s, Irish pubs, juice bars, and even crepe-centric venues provide top farm-to-table dining. Nostalgic ale-houses, craft breweries, and wineries will delight anyone’s palette. Saratoga Springs Downtown has a lively nightlife. Experiences range from friendly conversations at cozy pubs, relaxing entertainment at jazz bars, and all-night dancing in premier clubs.

Art and Spas

Saratoga Springs Downtown is located adjacent to the revitalized Saratoga Art district. Browse modern and classical galleries and chat with local artists in studios about their upcoming work. Art and music installations constantly invade the downtown streets, so be on the lookout for unique displays. There are also museums catering to children, lovers of history, and those interested in Saratoga’s association with horses and horse racing. Relax in one of New York’s finest spas or take some of the Saratoga relaxation home with you from one of the many spa stores located downtown.

“Saratoga Springs is one of those special getaway spots where everything is pretty close to perfect.”