Salt & Char

Salt & Char is a new steakhouse in a historic building supporting local, organic, sustainable farmers.

Salt and Char is a modern American steakhouse serving up local produce and meats. The succulent and juicy offerings of Salt and Char can be enjoyed right off Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York.

“Seasonal. Sustainable. Local.”

Those are the three essential guidelines and overarching philosophy to preparing cuisine at Salt and Char. Its welcoming charm and sophisticated metropolitan style brings culinary excellence to visitors of scenic Saratoga Springs. Chef Braden Reardon, an executive at Salt and Char, stays committed to supporting sustainable agriculture and improving local farming methods. Only those that understand ethical sourcing and humane treatment, raise their livestock and produce free of chemicals, and take advantage of the area’s abundant resources supply Salt and Char with ingredients.

The premium flavors of the Saratoga region deliver a punch at Salt and Char. Each dish showcases the finest aged Black Angus and American Wagyu meats with fresh and interesting ingredientsCustomers can learn about the source of their meal through the staff’s intimate knowledge of ingredient origin.



Lunch at Salt and Char can be as light or as hearty as the customer desires. Fresh produce supply salads with vivid flavor; the spinach salad is served with prosciutto, Acorn Hill goat cheese, pistachios, and a roasted shallot vinagrette. Typical lunch fare is flipped upside-down: the calamari appetizer is put over fresh fall squash and refreshing mint and one of the “burgers” is organic wild salmon with pickled kimchi. A host of steak sandwiches will certainly please any meat-lover.


The dinner menu of Salt and Char takes full advantage of its locally-sourced organic meats. Prime Hanger and Ribeye, Black Angus Filet Mignon, American Wagyu Ribeye Cap, and Dry-Aged Prime Bone-In Strip, Porterhouse, and Tomahawk steaks ground the menu in rich, carnivorous meals. Veal, pasture-raised chicken, ahi tuna, Maine lobster, and wild salmon round out Salt and Char’s variety of delicious meats. Various dishes focussed on mushrooms, squash, pumpkins, and tons of leafy greens give vegetarians an option.

Dessert and Cocktails

Creativity does not end at the dessert menu. Pair the dark chocolate and espresso Crème Brûlée, the lime-huckleberry-burnt-meringue cheesecake, or the poached seckle pear almond cake with a host of espressos and local Saratoga teas.

Salt and Char serves every imaginable type of wine imported from Potugal, Spain, France, and Italy. Locally-brewed stouts, pilsners, and IPAs will cater to those with a taste for craft beers. There are also a series of specialty cocktails, from classics like Whiskey Sour and the White Negroni to creations like the espresso martini or “The Smoking Gun”.

“The lighting and music make for a very relaxing and classy meal.”

—Charissa S, Yelp