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ROC the Riverway in Rochester

The ROC the Riverway Project

Planning a visit to Rochester? Stop by the Genesee Riverway Trail to see the amazing work that the ROC the Riverway Project has accomplished. This project encompasses over two dozen transformational projects taking place along the Genessee River and downtown Rochester. With the river running through the city’s center, it’s a main focal point for Rochester is treated as such.

The city seeks to enforce clean up efforts in the river and re-design the surrounding areas to be more appealing to pedestrians. Through this, Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Governor Andrew Cuomo believe that this will better the local economy. Additionally, ROC the Riverway will attract new jobs and businesses to downtown Rochester, making the waterfront a lively place to visit.

Goals for the ROC the Riverway Project

An objective for the ROC the Riverway Project is to further attract state and private investments along the Genesee River. Additionally, the city seeks to create more dynamic public spaces, promote downtown growth, encourage private development and create jobs. Furthermore, they hope to repair the city’s infrastructure, clean pollution in the Genesee, and increase public programming. Mayor Warren and Govenor Cuomo seek to develop the downtown and waterfront areas to highlight the Genesee River’s beauty.

Projects Currently Underway

Projects for ROC the Riverway are currently in the works and have already shown positive results. Some projects include the re-imagined aqueduct and riverfront promenade, as well as the expansion of the Riverside Convention Center. Additionally, renovations for the Rundel Library North Terrace, Blue Cross Arena and the Genesee Gateway Park are also taking place. While completing all two dozen+ projects will take time, Rochester has already made great strides in redeveloping their beautiful city.

“Beautiful riverfront trails took us from Henrietta to Rochester and back. Well maintained and very scenic.”

—Brenda Z, Trip Advisor

Take Amtrak to ROC the Riverway

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Lyft, Uber, taxis or Regional Transit Center buses are available to connect to downtown attractions. Or Enterprise picks you up at ROC and takes you to your rental car. For Enterprise reservations or to arrange a pick-up, call Enterprise at their downtown Rochester location 585-423-2220. Discount code NYTRAIN.