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Museum of Innovation and Science

At the Museum of Innovation and Science, their all-ages exhibits, programs and events aim to inspire people to explore science and technology.

About the Museum of Innovation and Science

The Museum of Innovation and Science, otherwise known as miSci, stands to celebrate science, invention and imagination. With some of the region’s finest interactive exhibits, miSci is a must-see destination for people of all ages.

In addition, miSci comes equipped with its own planetarium. The Suits-Bueche Planetarium provides an immersive experience through its high-definition, full-dome projector. Also, the GOTO Star Projector offers a real-life view of the night sky. This experience is not available anywhere else in the northeast, so check out the Museum of Innovation and Science today!

The Challenger Center is a sure favorite among students. The Challenger Center transports students to a Mission Control room and a state of the art Space Station. Here, each person plays a unique and crucial role in the mission as the team completes assignments, manages hands-on labs and navigates simulated emergencies.

Current Exhibits

African Americans at General Electric 

On view through May 8, 2023

African Americans at General Electric features 60 photographs from the Museum’s Archives. The exhibition was created in collaboration with Milton and Kenneth Evans and displays moments from a history of talented African American scientists, inventors, and engineers and more that worked at General Electric.

Brilliant minds and hard work have always been at the center of science and technology. The success of many corporations, including General Electric, is owed largely to the talented people that they employ. GE was amongst the first companies to embrace people of many races and creeds. Through their perseverance, inventions, and encouragement of future generations, these pioneers have made a lasting impact on their fields, and on STEM education.

Let’s Connect! Exploring Communication Technology

On view through May 14, 2023

A voice travels through the air at 343 meters per second. That wasn’t fast enough. A shout can be heard 2 kilometers away. That wasn’t far enough. Let’s Connect! explores a world of innovation in which scientists, inventors, and visionaries keep breaking limits to make our modern connections what they are today.

As technology has evolved – from carved writings, paper letters and radio broadcasting to instantaneous messaging from almost anywhere on Earth – it has altered the ways in which we interact. This dynamic exhibition explores the efforts of human beings to move an ever-growing quantity of information faster and more broadly than ever before.

Let’s Connect! Exploring Communication Technology is made possible by The Jane and Neil Golub Creative Project

Little Edisons

miSci’s Little Edisons program, for kids ages 3 to 5, is fun way to nurture the curiosity of pint-sized future engineers, chemists, and inventors. Sessions are 45 minutes long and feature hands-on activities designed to teach problem solving and to encourage the joy of discovery. Little Edisons takes place Wednesdays, from 12 to 12:45 p.m., and Saturdays, from 11 to 11:45 a.m. The fee is $12 per child for non-members and $10 for Members. Adults accompanying a child are not required to purchase an additional ticket. Hands-on materials are included.

On certain dates, the Museum may offer an additional Little Edisons program, 90 minutes after the usual start time, in the event that all available slots are filled.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Observatory open from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

“The exhibits are exceptional. It’s a great learning experience for adults as well as children.”

—Julie B., Facebook

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