Memorial Art Gallery

Located in Rochester New York and founded in 1913 by Emily Sibley Watson in memory of her son James Avarell, Memorial Art Gallery hosts a wide variety of art pieces and artifacts spanning over 5,000 years.

As a part of the University of Rochester the gallery is meant not only to entertain audiences with beautiful displays of art but also to instill knowledge and broaden the cultural understanding of those who visit.

Held to be one of the top regional art museums in the United States Memorial Art Gallery lives up to its exceptional reputation. Marvel at the vast artistic enrichment this expansive gallery has to offer by making it the next destination on your list.

One of the highlights of the Memorial Art Gallery is the Centennial Sculpture Park. The park is a collaboration of the commissioned work of four artists, including Wendell Castle, Jackie Ferrara, Tom Otterness and Albert Paley. The park is located outdoors and features multiple sculptures with intriguing messages. One of the more popular sculptures is titled Creation Myth by Tom Otterness. This particular sculpture aims to call attention to gender equality.

“Such a treasure! Wonderful temporary and permanent exhibits. Definitely visit this museum if you are in Rochester! Note: Free parking.”

—Aimee Dars Ellis, Local Guide

Take Amtrak to Memorial Art Gallery

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