Madangsui Korean BBQ

A 10-minute walk from Penn Station, locals, guests and food enthusiasts can enjoy the new Madangsui Korean BBQ with its array of traditional sweet and spicy flavors with a New York City flair.

Madangsui Korean BBQ offers the combination of textures and temperatures of Korean barbecue with the attitude of New York City. Here the chefs use the highest quality of “USDA PRIME” beef, so not only will guests enjoy the top-quality meats, but they will also experience a hands-on outing. Sort through a pile of lettuce leaves, wrap your own individual little barbecue “sandwiches” and then indulge! Don’t be afraid to dig in and create a meal that includes top ingredients, fun experiences, and great NYC culture.

Korean BBQ

Perhaps, the best part of the menu is, of course, the “Korean BBQ” meals, and rightfully so. Guests of all different preferences can enjoy, beef, chicken, pork, vegetables and more. All meal options come pre-marinated in a delectable Korean-style sauce, a Korean-style hot sauce, Madangsui’s special sauce, or not marinated at all. There are also combo options for groups if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a little bit of everything. Basically, this menu gives almost 100-percent of the choices to the guests to ensure a delightfully adventurous meal.

Madangsui Specials

The menu is by no means limited to the amazing Korean barbecue options, there are sushi rolls (regular and hand-rolled), Korean soups, classic bibimbap, and many other traditional Korean options. However, the real gem is the restaurant’s all-day specials. On Monday it’s the seafood combo, Tuesday there is bulgogi, Wednesday eat some pork belly, Thursday delve into some spicy pork, and on “Family Sunday” all meat and seafood combos are 10-percent off.

“The table fills and fills and fills, and at a certain point it begins to be ridiculous– there’s no visible table anymore! – and someone starts to giggle at the crazy excess, the sheer weight of the experience.”

—Sam Sifton, New York Times

What’s Near Madangsui Korean BBQ

In one of the most beautiful parts on Manhattan, and in the heart of Koreatown, after you’ve filled up on Madangsui Korean BBQ, check out the world-famous Empire State Building, a symbol of New York City only two blocks away. Then be sure to check out the Bryant Park ice skating rink as well just a five-minute stroll through Manhattan.