After pulling in to Penn Station, it's just an eight-minute walk to find yourself in Lupulo, where the culture and atmosphere of a Portuguese brewery combined with a New York City restaurant. It's Traditional Portuguese Comfort Food.

Michelin-starred George Mendes has done it again, this time in the heart of Manhattan’s hot spot. The reason for creating Lupulo was to replicate the Libson cervejarias, or breweries. With the use of Portuguese comfort food and craft beer, Mendes has created a space that cultivated good taste with class and fine eating. It’s also no secret that the word “lupulo” is Portuguese for “hops,” almost guaranteeing you to a quality brew with your meal.

Not only can patrons enjoy a nice meal, but they will greeted with the decor and design replicating an old Portuguese tavern. the setting is perfect for an after-work beer at happy hour, a business meeting over lunch, or just a nice night out with the family.

Cervejas, Vinho and Coquetels

If you’re entering into Lupulo (and are over 21), it is almost imperative to check out the beautiful black steel-topped bar. There are fourteen craft beers on tap ranging in flavor, style, percentage, and locations. The craft beers hail from New York, Vermont, Baltimore, the UK, France, of course, Portugal and even Belgium! You can get a taste of America and Europe all in one trip to this exquisite tavern.

But if beer isn’t the drink for you, then venture off and taste the wine or something stronger in the cocktails. The cocktails are all mixed with top ingredients and liquors from all over Europe and America. Not to mention the mixed drinks are all reasonably priced, ranging from $9-$15 a drink, it’s very hard to top that in midtown, let alone Hell’s Kitchen.

Daily Specials

As if the prices weren’t already good enough, Lupulo has specials every day so the valued patrons can enjoy the most affordable meal possible. Being that the menu consists of traditional Portuguese mixed with American, they offer three different nationally sourced oysters. There are also prime dishes like, “Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá,” a dish with codfish, and other local ingredients. On top of the deals, don’t miss out on happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day!

What’s Near Lupulo

If you’re looking to stroll through New York City after a delicious Portuguese seafood dish and a few craft brews, just a few blocks away is the beautiful Madison Square Park in the heart of downtown. Along with that, Gramercy Theatre is just a ten-minute walk and a perfect place to catch one of their many amazing varying shows.