Hudson Hall

Hudson Hall

With the mission of inspiring and promoting the arts, Hudson Hall in Hudson, New York is a landmark establishment. The building in which it stands houses New York State’s oldest surviving theater, a theater that has seen Frederic Church, Bret Harte, Susan B. Anthony, and Teddy Roosevelt.

In 1992, the community came together to save this landmark after years of abandonment, and then in 2017, it was restored to its former glory and began serving Hudson and beyond as a renowned theater.

Beyond its use as a theater, Hudson Hall has a variety of programs to serve the diverse community and respond to its economic and cultural needs. In 2019, Hudson Hall served an audience of 50,000 and employed over 400 artists, technicians, and youth from the community for its free community events, city-wide festivals, art exhibits, and live performances.

Hudson Hall is more than just a theater, each year it establishes itself more and more as a cultural center and civic partner to Hudson.


There are a variety of events happening throughout the summer including a performance from Betty, an indie rock trio, a performance of Princess and the Pauper written, directed, and produced by the Behind the Curtain Theater Club and performed by local actors, weekly contemporary dance and movement classes, Chess Club, Bobby Previte: No Bells, No Whistles – a modern drum set, and a Hudson Jazz Workshop Concert. Also, peruse art pieces from Ara Osterweil and Allan Osterweil’s “Shapeshifters” until July 28, and then Hans Frank’s “Cosmic Art” collection in the first floor galleries.

Join the Hudson Community Choir, an ongoing program led by local conductor Andrew Stein and assistant conductor Sharece Johnson. Sing alongside other members of your community!

Take Amtrak to Hudson Hall

Watch an incredible performance or join in with the community via Amtrak to Hudson Station.

Baroque Celebration at Hudson hall
Live music! | Photo courtesy of
Hudson Community Choir at Hudson Hall
Hudson Community Choir | Photo courtesy of
Theater performance at Hudson hall
Live theater! | Photo courtesy of