Frances Tang Museum & Art Gallery

The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College commemorated its 15th anniversary with new contemporary exhibitions, including Liz Collins—Energy Field; Borrowed Light: Selections from Jack Shear; and more.

The mission of The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum & Art Gallery is to show people the “richness and diversity” that art can have on the human experience. The museum and gallery aim to perpetuate a teaching experience for all people, advancing knowledge for a plethora of different walks of life. The museum helps to foster the relationship between community and art, using art as a vehicle to showcase diversity. The museum is predominantly a hub for contemporary art, in which there are generally 12 exhibitions each year that display work from both faculty members and students. Check out the different galleries on display at the museum and enjoy contemporary artwork like never before.

Currently, there are eight exhibitions on display at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum & Art Gallery. These exhibitions include “Look After Eachother: Intimacy and Community,” “All Together Now,” “ROOMMATE 2021 Living with Tang Art,” “Elevator Music 4: Laura Ortman – Dust Dives Alive,” “Opener 33 Sarah Cain – Enter the Center,” “Ellsworth Kelly: Postcards,” “Hyde Cabinet #13: Thorns in Time” and “Un-Representation.” Each exhibition has its own distinct message, whether that be the Black American experience, Orientalism or experimenting with color. Each exhibition is uniquely special and meant to be experienced at its fullest.

Admission to the Tang Museum is free with only suggested donations. Vaccination is required for visitors who are 12 and older. Regardless of vaccination status, all visitors are required to wear a mask.

“The Tang Teaching Museum, is one of the Capital District’s top Art Museum.
This is a place that even your children will enjoy!”

—Rich Z., TripAdvisor

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