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Enoteca Maria Trattoria

If you've never had the opportunity to take the Staten Island Ferry and see the skyline of Manhattan from the water, don't fret because it's way easier than it seems! After a quick ride on the 1 train from Penn Station then onto the free ferry, you'll find yourself at Enoteca Maria Trattoria, a restaurant with grandmothers as chefs!

Jody Scaravella, the owner Enoteca Maria Trattoria, at first the idea was to have Italian grandmother working in the kitchen all serving up different regions of Italy. Then after a while he figured that having a taste of every grandmother’s meals would be perfect and now Enoteca is home to Grandmothers from South America, Central America, The Middle East, Europe, and even Asia. So go in and be surprised by the menu because every day the menu changes based on which Grandmother is in the kitchen!

The “Free Nonnas in Training”

It’s no surprise that Enoteca might be one of the most unique and creative restaurants in New York City, and there are a few reasons for that. One reason is the “Free Nonna’s in Training” program. This is the idea that a chef can come in and be paired with a Nonna- grandmother in Italian- and learn the recipes, techniques and the culture throughout the day. There is one catch, the incoming chefs do not get to pick what nationality of Nonna you are paired with, so you can be paired with a Bulgarian grandmother, an Italian grandmother, a Japanese grandmother and so many more grandmothers.

Have a Glass or Two

There’s nothing like enjoying a meal prepared by a loving grandmother and pairing a perfect win with it. At Enoteca, there are a plethora of options for wine white, red, and others that all have a beautiful description listed with them so you’ll know what to pair properly. All of the wines are sourced from all different regions of Italy. So when you’re about to delve into the Nonna’s meal ask which wine would work best with it!


What’s Near Enoteca Maria Trattoria

Enoteca Maria Trattoria is the perfect Staten Island restaurant for tourists because it is right near the heart of Staten Island. Upon exiting the ferry guests will enter the clean and beautiful St. George Terminal. Then, just five minutes away tourists can catch an entertaining minor league baseball game at the Staten Island Yankees’ stadium Richmond Country Bank Ballpark.