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Conservatory Garden

Visit Central Park to experience three separate beautiful gardens.

Interested in visiting a beautiful garden encompassed by other gardens? Central Park is home to the Conservatory Garden, a garden that consists of three other formal gardens. This six-acre garden is a masterpiece among the park that boasts natural beauty.

Arriving at the conservatory brings you through a glorious entrance with a Parisian Vanderbilt Gate, which originates from the Vanderbilt Mansion on Fifth Avenue.

The Conservatory is divided into three separate gardens. These gardens are comprised of the French-style North Garden, Italianate Garden and the English-style South Garden. Each garden is its own gorgeous paradise, as each is an attraction in and of itself.

Italianate Garden

This garden is the first to be seen after passing through the Vanderbilt Gate entrance. The garden features a vast lawn and is adorned by a massive fountain, as well as pink and white blooming crabapple trees.

English-style South Garden

The English-style South Garden is a lovely attraction with a multitude of features within the park. Some of its highlights include the Burnett Fountain, trees, shrubbery and annual flower beds. The fountain in particular is a sight to behold for any readers of “The Secret Garden,” as the fountain is dedicated to its author. While in this garden, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the universe of the novel.

French-style North Garden

The French-style Garden showcases the changing of seasons. In the spring, you’ll find colorful, blooming tulips. In the fall, you’ll bear witness to beautiful Korean chrysanthemums. No matter what season you’re exploring this immaculate garden, the Untermyer Fountain can be viewed from the center of the garden.

“Hidden gem for a nature break: come through the tall gates to find one of the most gorgeous gardens in central park.”

—Veronice P.W., Google

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