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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

With 52 acres covered in plant life, you're sure to find something beautiful to gaze upon at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Visit the discovery garden with the children, or dream about Italian food as you smell the basil in the Herb Garden. Whatever you do, don't sit inside all spring and summer.

A Garden in the Concrete Jungle

In 1910 the garden was founded with the creative and extraordinary botanist Charles Stuart Gager as director. While Brooklyn was industrializing quickly and thriving towards a cityscape, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was a fresh patch of green in a changing landscape. Today, the 52-acre botanic garden works to connect people to the environment, the cultivated plant life while informing, experimenting, and creating a better world.

A Family Outing

The one-acre garden is a space for children to explore and express themselves and the garden. One highlighted feature is the giant bird’s nest. Children can go inside of the nest and even create their own mini bird’s nest to take home with them. Another main feature for children to not miss out on is the insect hotel! Here guests can see leaf-cutter bees, praying mantises, and termites! Lastly, children need to check out the elevated boardwalk, where just beneath their feet, the kids can see canopies of Lavelle’s cork and black locust trees.

Plants in Bloom

There are always new plants that are in bloom in the garden, based on the time of year and type of plant you can experience a vast amount of nature’s beauty. Check the garden’s website to learn more about which plants are currently in bloom.

“No matter what time of year, there’s always something in bloom: lotus plants in August, beautyberries in November, flowering Oriental Cherry trees in spring”

—Diane Mehta, New York Magazine

Getting to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Experience the Brooklyn Botanic Garden via Amtrak to Penn Station in New York City—Don’t forget to use the See New York and Save 15% discount!

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